MythRemote -- Screenshots

This document describes how you can re-enable screenshot functionality.


Recently, the way that MythTV Frontend creates screenshots has changed so the filename of the screenshot is no longer predictable.

To work around this, I wrote a script that can be placed on the webserver running on the front-end, which shall attempt to pick the latest screenshot that has been created.

I admit -- it is hacky, but it works until the issue has been properly fixed in the MythTV application.


This workaround requires that you have full access to the MythTV Frontend and the Frontend runs MythWeb, or in other way runs a webserver.

The workaround

I created the following script that, when accessed, attempts to fetch the last created file in /tmp/ (the default ScreenShotPath in MythTV).

MythRemote will simply request that script after a screenshot command has been sent.

You need to download this archive and save the PHP file in it at the following location:


(If you have configured MythTV to place screenshots elsewhere, you may want to edit the line that defines the MYTHTV_SCREENSHOTPATH constant to point to the correct directory.)

Once you have placed the PHP file there -- and you have downloaded the latest version of MythRemote (v1.0.2), all you need to do is update its settings.

Go to the Settings app, select "Advanced". Then, select "Screenshots". If you have placed the script in /var/www/htdocs/, the webserver path you need to fill in will be "/" (witout the quotes).

Once you return to the app, the Screenshot button will appear and you can try it out.

Other settings

The "port" setting only applies if you run your webserver on a non-standard port.

Small images
If you do not have a Retina display, you can enable "small images" (less data).