version 1.0.2

This application connects, via WiFi, to the network interface of a MythTV frontend to control it.

How to use…

I am quite sure you may have figured it out already, but here goes anyway.  ;)

Step 1

First, enable the network interface on your MythTV Frontend. This is an important step -- without the network interface enabled, the remote cannot connect, and cannot control the front-end.

Step 2

Second, the app needs to know the IP address of your MythTV frontend, so if you have not done that already, go to the iPhone's Settings utility, look for the MythRemote app, and configure it. (You may find other settings useful there.)

Step 3

There is no step 3 -- you are all set to use it now.

To use certain features, you may need to tweak things to match your set-up -- see below for notes.



Some functionality may not be so obvious:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Pressing "HELP" does not show any help about MythRemote, what's up with that?
A: The "HELP" button is not for MythRemote but it sends an F1 key-press to the frontend.

Q: I press a key but it does the wrong thing in MythTV.
A: You can specify the correct key mapping in the Settings.

Screenshot functionality

MythTV Frontend has changed: when requesting a screenshot, it is no longer possible to specify the filename.

This broke screenshot functionality. There is a workaround though -- read this link for details.




H. van Galen, 2010-12-05