MythRemote is a utility that turns your iPhone into a MythTV remote control.

It does this by utilising the network socket interface on a MythTV frontend (via WiFi).

The application is written by H. van Galen and is published by Kamaguna.


The manual, as embedded in the application itself, can be viewed here.


Pictures say a thousand words...


All graphics created with The GIMP and this useful script.

"These screenshots are taken from a development version and do not reflect the final product."


Version 1.0.2 september, 2012 ABOUT TO BE PUBLISHED

Version 1.0.1 december, 2010 NEVER RELEASED

Version 1.0 XX november, 2010
The initial release supporting the following features:


Connection problems?
If you have not used the network interface on your frontend before, you may need to enable it in your frontends configuration.

Screenshot problems?
The workings of MythTV Frontend have changed, and as such the Screenshot functionality in MythRemote is kind-of broke. There is a workaround though -- see here for details.

Reporting problems or bugs…

If you run into problems you wish to report, or if you have any suggestions, you can do so here.

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